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NEO Philanthropy - Shout
Shout Your Abortion is a de-centralized movement working to normalize abortion through art, media, and community events all over the country.

Whit Press
Whit Press is a nonprofit publishing organization dedicated to the transformational power of the written word. Our mission is to promote literary work in support of environmental and social justice issues and to give a voice to women writers, writers from ethnic, social, and economic minorities, and first-time authors.

NAMI Eastside
NAMI Eastside's mission is to improve the quality of life of all those affected by mental illness through advocacy, community awareness, education, and support.

Mercer Island Visual Arts League (MIVAL)
MIVAL's mission is to promote and encourage artistic endeavors on Mercer Island and the surrounding area, to stimulate awareness and appreciation of the visual arts in our community, and to sponsor art exhibits and workshops.

South County Cats
South County Cats' mission is to reduce overpopulation, homelessness and euthanasia of cats in our community by providing assistance with free or low-cost, easily accessible spay and neuter for companion and community cats.

Freedom Project
Founded in 2001, Freedom Project Freedom Project seeks to heal the trauma and dismantle the stigma that stem from mass incarceration. We do this work by fostering spaces where empathy happens, both inside and outside prison, centered in the leadership and experiences of the community we serve. We offer peer support and facilitate workshops based in the strategies of racial equity, anti-oppression, compassionate communication, and mindfulness.

Somali Parents Education Board
Every child deserves a schooling experience that gives them every potential to thrive. Somali Parents Education Board (SPEB) was formed to create meaningful partnerships between parents, schools, and communities. Our work now has spread beyond the Somali community to represent, advocate and provide practical and emotional help to any underrepresented minority and immigrant families throughout South King County.

The Seattle Latino Film Festival (SLFF) embraces the mission to bring audiences and filmmakers together for an educational experience and to support the magic of filmmaking as part of Hispanic culture globally.

SeaDoc Society
The mission of the SeaDoc Society is to ensure the health of marine wildlife and the Salish Sea ecosystem through science and education.

Khambatta Dance Company
To support the local dance ecology by presenting high-quality dance works that evoke a deeper understanding and resonance with the world around us and to bring artists together from across the country and the world in order to facilitate cultural exchange.

Toys for Kids
TOYS FOR KIDS MISSION IS TO ENSURE CHILDREN, LESS FORTUNATE, KNOW THEY HAVE NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN. The Toys for Kids donations directly benefit children in need throughout the state of Washington. Annually, we serve more than 14,000 kids throughout the year. We make young people smile. We fill them with joy. We give them hope. We show them love. And, we've been doing so since 1995. Every year we raise money for some of the less fortunate in our community. Proceeds will benefit kids and familie

Community-Centric Fundraising Committee
Community-Centric Fundraising is a new fundraising model that incorporates race, equity, social justice, and community-building into fundraising practices, enabling a more equitable and just nonprofit sector. To shift the sector's traditional models toward Community-Centric Fundraising, resources are needed. Donate now or learn more about Community-Centric Fundraising on Vu Le's blog, Nonprofit AF: https://nonprofitaf.com/2017/05/9-principles-of-community-centric-fundraising/

Project ORCA Playground
Redeveloping Orca K-8's playground and playfield to include more opportunities for play, recreation, outdoor learning, and community building for the school community and neighbors

Building on our longstanding commitment to those living with HIV, Lifelong ensures that vulnerable and marginalized people thrive by eliminating barriers to health and wellness.

Rainier Youth Choirs
Building Community and Changing Lives through the Power of Music. Mission: To encourage the personal and social growth of our singers and inspire our community through impactful performances and music education.